Friday, January 15, 2021

January News #1

 Happy New Year!! I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday break and having extra time with their family. I sure did! The end of the 2nd quarter was on January 15th (Snow Day) and report cards will be sent home on Friday, January 22nd. I will also send home their FAST Winter testing results, as well as some of the end of the quarter assessments we took. FAST testing took place on Tuesday, the 12th. I am so proud of the progress each of them made. We will now work hard to reach the spring goals. I had the kids decorate some recycled file folders to put all these documents in, so watch for it to come home on the 22nd. You keep everything inside, no need to return. We began 2021 by reviewing the rules and expectations and I will continue to encourage the kids to always use their best work habits, and I will need your help as well, to reinforce this at home when looking at papers. Being neat, taking their time, and following all directions are very important.

Reading: Our reading goals the past two weeks were to read and spell words with the long i sound using silent e, as well as the long o sound. Our comprehension skills have been compare and contrast, as well as identifying the main idea and important details in stories we read. Our grammar skills have been to use the following verbs correctly: is, are, was, and were. We have also worked on using the question mark correctly. One of our main stories was a nonfiction selection about "Animal Groups" so we practiced comparing and contrasting the different animal groups using a venn diagram. We continue to learn new words daily and use the chunks we've learned to help us decode unknown words. The stories we are reading are getting longer, which means we are becoming better readers. Thanks for taking the time to listen to your child read the books that are sent home. I have been pleased with the progress everyone has made and for their enthusiasm for reading. At home, please remind your child to read with expression and to pause when they come to punctuation. I have reminded them that "speed reading" is not "good reading". During the 3rd quarter, I will start having the kids read directions with me, so that when they are working independently during seat work, they can go back and reread them if they forget what they need to do. When correcting papers, I will also start marking answers wrong if the spelling is incorrect if the word is displayed correctly on the paper. This will hopefully make them responsible and accountable for taking their time and working carefully. 

Math: We are working in Module 6 which is titled "Understanding Put Together and Take Apart Problems" These lessons will focus on and provide lots of practice for understanding put together and take apart problems. We will also be using a number of addition and subtraction strategies to solve these problems. The lessons will also focus on using the "Math Vocabulary" of equation and addends. Problem Solving is always tricky for first graders and we are working hard to read the problem at least twice and to listen to what it is asking us to do. Solving Word Problems is on the first grade report card. Since we have done all of the lessons together with lots of guidance, all students received a "D" for developing for the 2nd quarter. During the 3rd quarter, we will start doing independent problem solving once or twice a week to check for understanding. All students also received a "D" for developing for equality. Like problem solving, practice has been done together and we will also add independent work once a week to check for understanding during the 3rd quarter. 

Writing: We have completed our lessons on "Opinion Writing" and will now move on to "Informative Writing" during the 3rd quarter. We have started some informative practice by writing "how-to" pieces in our journals. Most recently, they wrote about "How to Clean my Room" and "How to make Hot Chocolate" using the sequence words of first, next, then, and last. Our first informational writing activity will be to write about a favorite toy. On Friday, January 22nd your child may bring a favorite toy to share and write about. It would also be helpful to write down where they got the toy, and from whom. I really enjoy reading their journals and observing the growth they have made as writers. 

Star Student: Carson and Ethan were most recently featured. Carson likes to eat pizza and drink pop. He wants to learn more about "tigers" and likes to wear his jersey. When Carson grows up, he wants to be a basketball player. Ethan likes to drink chocolate milk and eat at McDonald's. He likes to wear his cowboy boots and collects farm toys. When Ethan grows up, he wants to be a construction worker like his Dad. 

The following high-frequency words have been added to our classroom word wall (check to see if your child can read them): bird, fly, those, around, bring, both, long, walk, show, because, eyes, or carry, think, before, and light. Our reading skills this week will be to read and spell words with the long e sound (ea, ee, and e_e), our comprehension skill will be to compare and contrast, and our grammar skill will be compound sentences. I was planning to send new spelling words on Friday with no school on Monday due to Teacher Work day. Here are the new words: me, be, read, feet, tree, keep, eat, mean, sea, and these.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

December News #2

 We've been busy in our classroom and we have been working hard. We have just 2 school days before the holiday break and we will continue to stay focused and have some fun too. There will be no new skills during this short week.

Math: We have completed and tested over Module 5, which focused on problem solving using adding to and taking from. The assessment over this module was taken last week and sent home. This module, as well as the next module will focus on different types of story problems. We will work on listening to what the problem is asking us to solve. This is tricky for 1st graders, for they struggle some with listening to what is being asked and they just assume the end result is what the problem is asking them to do. We have worked hard on writing the equations in order of what the problem is stating. They have learned that the word "some" is the mystery and sometimes the problem is asking us to figure out the number we start with, or the number in the middle of the problem. In Module 6, we will focus on understanding put together and take apart problems, as well as using addition and subtraction strategies to solve them. Problem solving is a difficult concept for first graders, but with lots of practice and learning to listen to key words in the problem it will click. After the holiday break, we will be using the week of January 4th to assess report skills. Once those assessments are complete, we will return to our Module 6 lessons. Over the holiday break, you may want to encourage your child to do Xtra Math to keep on top of fact fluency and encourage them to write their numbers to 120. 

Reading: Our reading goals last week were to read and spell words with the long a sound ending in silent e, our comprehension skill was drawing conclusions, and using the illustrations to give us more information about what is happening in the story, and our grammar skill was verbs ending in ed. The kids learned that when a verb ends in ed, the action happened in the past. Within our guided reading groups, the students are introduced to a new book almost daily. I have been pleased with their responsibility of reading at home each night, and returning it the next day. The reread section of our daily lessons move smoothly when the kids have read their books. If you ever feel that the book sent home is too difficult, please put a note in their ziploc. The books sent home are ones we have read/practiced and they should be successful reading it. Encourage your child to take the time to read over the holidays. 

Writing: Our lessons have focused on opinion pieces. When writing in our journals, we have done several I would rather _____ than ______.  An example of one we have done is using; go sledding, or go swimming. We have also worked on stating an opinion about a given topic and using the word because to give a reason why we chose that. In addition to opinion writing, we have also used our spelling words to write complete sentences and we have just started writing a sequence for "How-tos". We have done "How to make a sandwich", and "How to decorate a Christmas Tree". We are using the order words of first, next, then, and last. 

Science: Our mystery science lesson this week is titled "Sun, Shadows, and Daily Patterns". We will also do a STEM activity called "Rolling Things" and learn about gravity, mass, velocity, and friction. In the past, our STEM lessons have been taught by Anjanette Treadway from ISU Extension. Due to outside visitor restrictions in our building Anjanette has dropped off individual kits for our students and the lesson plan for us to use. We are fortunate that she took the time to create these kits so we can implement these fun activities this school year. 

Holiday Party: I will provide juice and treats on Tuesday. I have a gift for them, and they have worked on a gift for their family. They will bring home their gift for you on Monday. The gifts are created, we just need to wrap. They are so excited about their gifts. 

Winter Gear: We have had our first significant snow and the kids have loved playing in it at recess. Most of them are bringing a separate bag to transport their extra winter clothes from home to school, which works really well. If your child isn't bringing them in a separate bag, I recommend that they do. It is really hard for them to stuff all those items in their book bag and their wet clothes at the end of the day. Wet clothes may also ruin folders and papers inside their book bag. They have done well thus far keeping track of their own stuff. If you haven't done so, I would recommend labeling their belongings. We have a lost and found table for items found on locker area floor. I do monitor the locker area after each recess and try to make sure that everything is hung on locker door and put inside. 

Star Student: Charlie and Alec were most recently featured. Charlie likes to drink pop and eat long noodles. She participates in soccer, swimming, and wrestling. Her favorite thing at school is centers and she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. Alec likes to drink lemonade and eat corn dogs. His favorite place is the hotel with a water park and his favorite movie is "Twister". When Alec grows up, he wants to work in construction. 

The next newsletter will come home after the holidays, therefore, have a "Wonderful" holiday break and I will see your child in 2021!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

December News #1

 We continue to keep busy in our first grade classroom. The first week following the Thanksgiving holiday went by very quickly. In January, we will be administering the winter FAST assessment (segmenting, blending, sight words, and oral reading fluency), and I am looking forward to viewing the results to see the gains all the students have made. One goal we have been especially working hard on is reading fluency. The goal in January will be to read 41 words per minute. I have implemented many opportunities at school to increase their fluency and encourage you to listen to your child read the books sent home almost daily, as well as encouraging them to read extra books too. Within our guided reading groups, we work daily on the FAST sight words, as well as decoding strategies. During our large group reading time, we also work daily on sight words, segmenting, fluency, grammar, and decoding strategies. Within the classroom, we are also working hard on being respectful and responsible. I am very proud of how well the kids are staying focused daily to complete independent work- it is great to see them being so responsible. We are also working on being respectful in line and listening the first time. 

Reading: Our reading goals last week were to read and spell words with ch and tch, our grammar skill was understanding what a command is and how to use our voice when saying a command with either a period or an exclamation point, and our comprehension skill was sequence. Our reading goals this week will be to read and spell words with sh, wh, and ph, our grammar skill will be to identify the subject and verb in a sentence, and our comprehension skill will be cause and effect. We will also learn about contractions with is and not, as well as adding ing, ed, and s to words. Now that we have become more fluent readers, we will focus on reading with expression and pausing when we come to punctuation. It is important that the kids understand that speed reading is not being fluent. Good readers read like they are talking, and when reading out loud, their audience needs to understand what they are reading.

Math: Last week, we completed Module 4 which focused on addition and subtraction relationships. We worked especially hard on fact families. Check to see if your child can write the 4 facts for the following fact family (10, 6, 4). We also used the strategy of using addition to check subtraction. Last week, we also started Module 5, which will focus on problem solving using adding to and taking from. Thus far, we have used drawings to help us solve. For daily seatwork, we continue to practice fluency of addition and subtraction and writing our numbers to 120. Of course, we also touch on several skills during our calendar and math slides time too. The students seem to be catching on quickly to telling time to hour and half hour, as well as identifying the number of tens and ones in a 2-digit number. 

Writing: We continue to focus on Opinion writing and this will be our focus until the end of the 2nd quarter. We have also added writing complete sentences using some of our spelling words in our journals. 

Science: We completed our lessons on "Plant and Animal Superpowers" and will move on to "Spinning Sky". Last week, we started the first lesson on the solar system and will work on that lesson this week. We will also complete a project putting the planets in order after listening to a couple of informational books about space. Space is always a unit the kids get excited about and they enjoy listening and learning about it. We will also do a Mystery Science lesson titled "Could a statue shadow move?" this week. 

Star Student: Piper and Julian were most recently featured. Piper likes to drink lemonade and eat pizza. Her favorite sport is boating, she likes to wear Iowa State clothes and wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Julian likes to drink gatorade and eat ramen noodles. He likes to eat school lunch, and wants to learn more about karate. When Julian grows up, he wants to be a semi truck driver.

Thanks to all who donated disinfectant wipes, I really appreciate it. Our cupboard is stocked and should be good for awhile. 

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching brings a lot of "excitement and anticipation" for 6 and 7 year olds. I enjoy being around their enthusiasm this time of the year, and it can be difficult to keep their young minds focused. Therefore, please help me out by praising their nice printing and the papers they have been successful with. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

November News #2

 It's hard to believe that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in less than two weeks and that the holiday season is approaching. We continue to work hard in our classroom, and as I look back to the beginning of the year, I am so proud of the progress that everyone has made in all areas. As readers, everyone has increased their guided reading level at least two levels. In math, we are becoming more fluent in recognizing our basic addition and subtraction facts. As writers, we are becoming more independent when writing, as well as creating at least two complete sentences. We continue to focus on starting our sentences with a capital letter and putting a punctuation mark at the end. 

Reading: Our reading goals last week were to read and spell words with the short u sound, as well as ending blends (nt, nd, sk, st, nk, mp, and lp), we identified the sequence of events after reading a story, and our grammar skill was to use a, an, and the correctly. When working on comprehension, we have been using graphic organizers to record our thoughts as a group. This week, our reading goals will be to read and spell words with the digraph "th", our comprehension skill is "Author's Purpose", and our grammar skill is proper nouns. This week, we will be reading an informational story about "Ocean Animals". We continue to have guided reading groups daily, which means they are bringing a book/passage/blending page home to share with you. Thanks for taking the time to listen to your child read and for signing the log sheets. It is amazing to see how many books we have read so far. If you are unable to read the book the night they bring it home, please send it back, for we use that book as a reread for their guided reading group the following day. Thanks! The following high-frequency words were practiced last week: eat, put, give, small, one,  take- words for this week will be: blue, little, water, cold, live, where, water, their

Math: Last week, we started Module 4 which is titled "Apply the Addition and Subtraction Relationship". During the next few weeks, we will focus on how addition and subtraction are related. We will also learn how to apply this relationship to solve addition and subtraction problems. In this module, we will also add the following to our math vocabulary list: addends and related facts. Our lessons will focus on the following concepts: Identify Related Facts, Use Addition to check Subtraction, Use Subtraction to find an Unknown Addend, and Solve for the Unknown Addend. These strategies, will help develop fluency with our subtraction facts.  On Friday of last week, we tested over Module 3 "Properties of Operations" and I was pleased with how well everyone did on this assessment. Our math time also focuses on "Number Work" daily as well. We either work on writing number sequences, solving equations, or equality. We have been working on counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's for our number sequence time, as well as counting and writing backwards to help with subtraction. A new sequence we tried last week was counting by 10's a different way than what they are used to. An example of one is 23, 33, 43, 53, ...

Writing: We continue to focus on "Opinion Writing". It is always fun to read what their opinions are in their journals. This week, we will start using the word because in our journals to state a reason for our opinion. We are also working on an "All About Me" book. 

Science: Last week, our Mystery Science lesson was titled "Why don't Trees Blow down in the Wind?" and our lesson for this week will be "What do Sunflowers do when you are not looking?"

Star Student: Zayden and Brynn were most recently featured. Zayden likes to drink apple juice and eat McDonald's. His favorite sport is skateboarding and he likes to wear his "Tiger" shirt. When Zayden grows up, he wants to be a firefighter. Brynn likes to drink Dr. Pepper and eat tacos. She collects feathers and takes dance and swim lessons. When Brynn grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian.

If you would like to donate disinfectant wipes throughout the winter months, it would be much appreciated. I know they are sometimes hard to find, and I grab some whenever I see them. Our supply will not make it through the winter. 

Early Thanksgiving Wishes to you and your family. I am so thankful that we have been in the classroom thus far and hope we can continue. Attendance in our classroom has been great and I am grateful for each day I have with your child.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

October #2

 Thanks to all who participated in parent-teacher conferences. I was a little nervous about how it would go, but it went better than expected. I hope that you felt the same way and hope I communicated enough information about your child's progress in first grade thus far. It's hard to believe that the end of the 1st quarter is this upcoming Friday. I feel fortunate that we have been in-person every day thus far and hope it continues. If you ever have a question or concern regarding your child please send me an email. I would be more than happy to send home extra materials if you feel your child needs extra practice at home on a particular skill.

Reading: We did not have any new reading goals last week with the shorter week. This week, our goals are to read and spell words with the short i sound, as well as words with the r blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr and pr). Our grammar skill is to write sentences with commas in a series, and our comprehension skill is to identify the Main Idea and details after reading a story. A GREAT BIG THANKS for taking the time to listen to your child read each night and for signing their log sheet. Most students return their ziplocs daily. The best way to increase your child's fluency is to "READ, READ, READ". Guided Reading takes place daily. Please return ziploc with book in it, even if you do not have time to read for we use that book as a reread the next day for their guided reading group. Thanks!!! Our "Words to Know" this week are: why, some, of, make, how, animal

Math: We started working on Module 2 last week, which is titled "Subtraction Strategies". Last week, we focused on the strategy of "Count Back". This week, we will add the strategies of: Count on to Subtract, Add to Subtract, and Use 10 to Subtract. The following vocabulary words have been added to the board and we will focus on what each word represents throughout the module: count back, count on, difference, equation/number sentence, make a ten, minus (-), and subtract. This concept is always more difficult for first graders and one that doesn't come as easily as addition. We will continue to practice our addition facts as well. The first grade goal is to be fluent with the facts to 10 in both addition and subtraction. We will also continue to practice writing our numbers in sequences. During calendar and math slides, we have been practicing telling time to the hour and half hour. I have been impressed with how well they are doing with this skill. For some, telling time to the half-hour is tricky, especially when looking at the hour hand and deciding which hour to write down. I told them to think of half-past what hour. 

Writing: I mentioned during our conference that writing a complete sentence has been our goal during the first quarter. We will continue to practice this by writing in our journals daily. I hope you enjoyed the first journal they completed. We are now using one of their notebooks to write in. During the 2nd quarter, we will also focus on "Opinion Writing" and the difference between fact or opinion. This will be done in our journals, as well as writing pieces we will create. 

Ticket Challenge: We have met one classroom challenge so far this school year. Our first was "popsicles", we now need 20 class tickets to earn "Spooky Treats" and a break to play a class game. In order to earn a class ticket, it is important for all students to follow the basics when walking in the hall, lining up at recess, using the locker area, as well as any class activity involving teamwork. The kids also earn individual tickets. They put these in a classroom bucket and at the end of the week, I draw 5 names to pick a prize. 

Star Student: Brinley was most recently featured. Brinley wants to be a vet when she grows up. Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese and she likes to drink chocolate milk. Her favorite place to visit is Grandma's house and she likes toy horses.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

October News #1

We have officially started the season of fall and with that will bring cooler, windy days. Although, we can't complain for we have enjoyed many warm summery days to start the year and this week sounds like we will experience lots of warm days as well. When the temperature does get cooler, please encourage your child to wear a coat/sweatshirt. Our playground doesn't have much of a windbreak, and we are out in the open, so it feels colder than the thermometer says on many fall or winter days.

Reading: We've been busy working hard on short vowel chunks in our "Making Words" and large group reading lessons. We have focused on learning chunks in words, as well as digraphs, endings and blends. Last week, our focus was reading and spelling words with the short u sound. Our story of the week was a "fantasy" vs. informational text. Our grammar skill was adjectives and using color and number words to describe. We also talked a little about synonyms. As for "Making Words" lessons, I am amazed at how well the kids are sounding out new words and creating them with the letters. Last week, we completed the first basal in our first grade reading program. The basal lessons are a part of our large group reading instruction. Daily lessons/activities are centered around phonemic awareness, phonics, and comprehension skills. The lessons have provided the students with new strategies to help them become better readers. The spelling lists also coordinate with the reading series. Each week, the list contains 6 words that focus on the phonics skill we're working on, as well as 4 high-frequency words. This week, our reading goals are to read and spell words with short a, as well as reading words with double consonants and words that end in ck, our comprehension skill will be to understand characters and to identify the story message. We are also working on using the sequence words of first, next, then, and last to summarize what we read. Our grammar skill is identifying what makes a complete sentence. 

Math: We are working on lessons in Module 1. We will be learning to understand and use a variety of strategies to solve addition problems. In this module, we will also be learning new math vocabulary. Our vocabulary for this module is: add, count on, doubles, equation/addition sentence, is equal to (=), make a ten, plus (+) and sum. We have worked on the following strategies thus far: Counting on 1, 2, or 3, adding 10, and making 10. This week, we will add the strategies of doubles, and using known sums to add. On Friday, our lesson was making 10. This is a difficult strategy for first graders and one they need lots of guidance with. Our "Number Work" lessons focus on writing our numbers in sequences, equality, and recall of addition facts. We are currently working hard on counting on 1, 2, or 3 when we add, as well as adding 10 and 0. We have even worked a little on subtraction and have focused on counting back 1 and subtracting 0.

Wow!!! I have been impressed with how well the 1st graders are doing with writing their letters. On Friday I gave them the alphabet test again and their work showed lots of improvement with identifying the capital and lowercase letters. We have officially made it through the alphabet with our handwriting pages. We will continue to work on writing our letters within our written work. 

Writing: Our main focus has been to write complete sentences. A weekly task has been to choose 3 of our story words and to write a sentence using that word. We have been working on writing sentences for many weeks now, and we are focusing on making sure we start our sentence with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark, as well as making sure it makes sense. Our key words for punctuation are; telling is a period, asking is a question mark, and words that show strong feeling have an explanation point. We also write in our journals with a given prompt. I will share their journals and writing samples with you at conferences.

Star Student: A new display in our classroom is titled "Star Student". Each week, one student will have the privilege to be featured on that display. At eh end of the week, a new student's name is drawn to determine who will be next. In the past this has always been a favorite, and the kids anxiously await their turn.

Conferences: Most of you have signed up for a time using the link I sent via email. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so. This fall, we will use Google Meet and do the conferences virtually. On the day of your child's conference, I will send home a manilla folder with documents inside. I would like the manilla folders returned the following day. I will share during the conference what you can keep at home. The link for your conference will be sent to your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, it will be sent to your child's email address and your child will bring their assigned chromebook home on the night of their conference. The chromebook will need to be returned the following day. As stated in the yellow note sent on September 28th, if you do not have a Gmail account, you can access the conference with the phone number shared in the Google Meet invitation. Our technology integrationist has created Google Meet tutorials which I will share with you. This is all new to me and I look forward to meeting with you during our scheduled time. 

Homecoming Week:  An orange note came home on Friday outlining dress-up days for this week.

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Favorite Team

Wednesday: Hawaiian/Under the Sea

Thursday: Color Day (first grade wears red)

Friday: Wear Orange and Black

Saturday, September 19, 2020

September News #2

We've been busy in our first grade classroom and I would like to share with you some of the things that have been happening. 

Reading: We're learning new words weekly and reading fun stories. We have also enjoyed some big books in our large group reading lessons. A word wall has also been created in our classroom. High-Frequency words practiced during our large group reading lessons have been placed on the word wall. Thanks for following up with the "Making Words" lessons at home. The kids have done a "great" job with returning their homework. Many students earned a homework prize last week for returning "10". This promotes responsibility. The extra practice will build your child's decoding skills, and it's a great way to practice spelling and reading too. Do encourage your child to try and write a word in each box if possible. If parents want to help, that's great too, for learning new words is always beneficial and the process of working together promotes success! The cut-up letters do not need to be returned- just the page with with the words in boxes. This is week 4 for spelling and lessons from Journeys. Our spelling lists have focused on 6 words that match our phonics skill of the week and 4 sight words. Last week, our reading goals were to read and spell words with the short o sound, our grammar skill was action words/verbs, and our comprehension skill was to sequence important events in a story using first, next, then, and last. This week, our reading goals are to read and spell words with the short e sound, our comprehension skill is text and graphic features, as well as author's word choice, and our grammar skill will focus on describing words/adjectives. Check to see if your child can read the following "Words to Know" : do, find, funny, sing, no, they, all, me, does, my, here, who.

Math: Our lessons the past two weeks have focused on "Fraction Foundations", which is module 16. Our learning goals were to take apart 2-dimensional shapes, identify equal and nonequal shares, and to partition shapes into halves and fourths. We will be starting Module 1 soon, which is titled "Addition Strategies". During our "Number Work" time, we work on addition facts, writing the number in the middle (66___68), and I just introduced equality. An example of equality is: 12=21 is this true or false, 1+6=6+0 is this true or false. On Friday of last week, I also introduced Xtra Math on their chromebooks, which is another great way to work on fact fluency.

Writing: Our goal has been to write complete sentences. We continue to write in our journals almost daily. My key words are: start right, end right, makes sense, and good spaces. 

Wow! I have been impressed with how well the 1st graders are doing with writing their letters using lined paper. It's great to see such nice papers and I especially like how hard they are trying to do their very best. Good Job 1st Graders!

Making Good Choices: My goal is for each student to be responsible for their own actions. All classroom rules, as well as rules for the playground, the lunchroom, restroom, locker area, and hallways have been discussed. Listed are the basic rules we all need to remember: Be Kind to Everyone, Follow Directions, Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself, and Raise Your Hand if you have a question or response. I do give reminders if these rules are not followed. If several reminders are given, they may have to stay in for part of a recess. If the same behavior keeps happening, a behavior note will be written by the child and sent home to be signed by a parent. If taking away recess and writing a note isn't solving the problem, a phone call or an email will be sent. Let's work together to promote responsibility for their actions. We've been working really hard on following directions, being good listeners, and avoiding extra talking. These are three very important work habits to be a successful student.

On Friday, I sent home FAST test results. This came home on yellow paper. I will go over the results during conferences in October. If you have questions, please send me an email. 

It's hard to believe that we are halfway through September. We have certainly enjoyed the warm and sunny days. The first day of fall officially starts soon. With the changing weather brings the "Do I have to wear my coat?" question. Our recess policy for wearing no coats out to recess is 60 degrees or above. Please send a coat/sweatshirt with your child each day when the change begins. We have already experienced a few cool mornings. You may want to encourage your child to keep a sweatshirt/jacket in their bookbag.

Please make sure your child returns their green take-home folder and reading ziploc daily. Thanks!!! I mentioned in an earlier newsletter that we were not allowing birthday treats. This has changed. If your child wishes to bring treats on their birthday, they may, but I will be passing them out. It needs to be a packaged treat, or a packaged bakery item, with a label listing the ingredients.