Sunday, February 9, 2020

February News #1

We will enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday, the 14th. The kids are so "excited" about  bringing their valentines. We have spent a couple days decorating a "fun" bag to put them in. On that day, we will also enjoy ice cream sundaes. Parents who signed up at open house to bring an item for this party, received a note last week about what to bring. Valentines may be brought to school on any day this week. This day always brings much anticipation to open up their bags and read their valentines.

When the weather is too cold or the playground is not safe to play on, we do have inside recess time. We are lucky to have access to the gym for some of the inside recess times, which gives the kids a chance to be active. When we can't go to the gym, we either play in the classroom or watch a movie. It is always best for the kids to get outside and burn energy and get fresh air. With the winter weather still here, please encourage them to bring all their winter gear so they can play in the snow.

Reading: Our reading goals last week, were to read and spell words with oa and ow, our grammar skill was to use/identify verbs in the future tense, and our comprehension skill was to sequence events from stories we read. Our reading goals this week are to read and spell compound words, our comprehension skill will be cause and effect, and our grammar skill will be prepositional phrases telling where or when within a sentence. 
 For comprehension, we have started to do a written response activity for the main selection from our basal each week. We read the story three different times throughout the week and for each read, we focus on digging deeper to understand what we are reading using the comprehension skill of the week. Now that we have become such "Good Readers", the stories are getting longer and the kids have noticed this. I'm really proud of the progress everyone has made as a reader. It's fun to see them choose books during center time and sit quietly and read. Once again, thanks for encouraging your child to read the books sent home almost daily and taking the time to listen to them read. It is so much fun watching them grow as readers and to become excited about getting their new book during group time.

Math: Last week, we began chapter 8 in the "Go Math" program on "Double-Digit Addition and Subtraction. We started by reviewing all thinking strategies we've learned thus far and then moved on to using a drawing to help us solve problems with double digit numbers using tens. This week, we will use the hundred chart as a strategy, as well as exchanging 10 ones for 1 ten. We continue to use our whiteboards for number work and have an equality quiz once a week as well. We also have "Math Slides" almost daily to review and keep on top of equality, problem solving, counting money, telling time, fact fluency, number sequence, and geometry.

Spelling: Thanks to all who have been working hard at home to prepare for the Friday tests. I'm proud of the success the kids have experienced with learning their weekly words. Our "Making Words" lessons have also contributed to helping them become better spellers. Our lessons have focused on a variety of chunks found in words. I have been impressed with the dedication many have had with returning their "Making Words" homework. The extra practice at home is helpful and thanks for initiating this at home. The kids may grumble about the homework, but it really does make a difference:) They continue to receive a prize for every 10 homework papers they return.

Naturalist/Special Activities: Matt from Swan Lake has visited us monthly and has presented some fun things related to nature. Some of the topics we've been informed about are: monarch butterflies, owls, turkeys, reindeer, and birds. We have enjoyed his visits and expertise. Last week, we also celebrated the "100th" day of first grade and enjoyed going to each first grade classroom for a "fun" activity related to the number "100". We also had CHS juniors read to us for "World Read Aloud" day. This week, we will enjoy a visit from Anjanette for a STEM activity and of course celebrate Valentine's day. 

Star Student: Madison was most recently featured. Madison likes to drink apple juice and eat confetti cake. She takes lessons in gymnastics, she likes to wear dresses, and her favorite place to visit is New York. When Madison grows up, she wants to be a teacher.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

January News #2

Report cards for the 2nd quarter were sent home last Friday. If you have any questions regarding your child's report card, please send me an e-mail- or call me after school at Fairview. On January 20th, your child was given the FAST assessment, which tests the following reading skills: sight words, segmentation, nonsense words, and fluency. I was so impressed with the growth that all of them made from fall to winter. I truly feel that the support you've given your child with completing homework and listening to them read played a "big" part in their success. Thanks for your support and keep working on it at home. At school, we will continue to work hard to improve. Our next steps are to work towards the spring FAST goals in reading. Your child's FAST scores were stapled to their report card. This letter also had spring goals outlined on it.

It's hard to believe that we are at the end of January. The end of January and the start of February brings the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day. The 100th day of school will take place on February 5th pending if we have no snow days. The first grade teachers have planned "100-themed" stations for all the kids to explore the number "100" in a variety of ways on that day. I will send home a class list for valentines and a note with those who signed up to bring items for the Valentine's Day party the week of February 3rd. More information to come about bringing valentines when the time gets closer. 

Reading: Our reading goals last week, were to read and spell words with long e and the different vowel teams, our grammar skill was combining simple sentences using and, but, and or, and our comprehension skill was to compare and contrast after reading a story. Our reading goals this week are to read and spell words with the long a sound (ai, ay), our grammar skill is to capitalize months, day, and holidays, and our comprehension skill is author's purpose. We continue to work on being fluent readers and I am encouraging reading multiple times throughout the day. At home, you can also encourage your child to read daily. The best way to increase fluency is to read, read, and read!!!

We will test over chapter 7 on Wednesday of this week. This chapter focused on greater than, less than, equal to, and patterns on the 100 chart identifying 10 more and 10 less from a given number. We will now move on to chapter 8, which is titled "Double-Digit Addition and Subtraction". The following strategies will be introduced and practiced: drawing quick pictures of the number of tens and ones and adding them up, or taking part of it away, using the hundred chart to count by ones or tens, and exchanging 10 ones for 1 ten. 

Writing: During the 3rd quarter, we will focus on creating an informative animal booklet, as well as a couple more informative pieces. We have been writing in our journals 3-4 times a week. I give them a topic to write about and they are asked to complete. Most recently, we have written lots of "how-to" pieces using the sequence words first, next, then, and last, and we have been using our spelling words to write sentences. 

Science: Our Mystery Science lessons have focused on "Why do Stars Come out at Night?" and "How Can Stars Help you if you get Lost?" We will also have our 2nd session using "Bee Bots" this week, which focuses on coding. The kids loved our first session with these. And, we will also have a visit this week from Matt, the Naturalist at Swan Lake..

Ticket Challenge: During the month of January, each student's goal was to earn 10 tickets for making good choices to be a part of "Craft Activity" and snacks. This will take place on Friday. The plan is to decorate a cardboard heart to display in the hallway outside our classroom and I will bring juice boxes and a snack as well.

Star Student: Raven and Tanner were most recently featured. Raven likes to drink fruit punch and eat watermelon. Her favorite movie is "Frozen 2", she collects seashells and wants to be a swim teacher when she grows up. Tanner likes to eat spaghetti and drink Mountain Dew. He wants to learn more about helicopters and he likes to do art projects. When Tanner grows up, he wants to be a policeman.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

January News #1

Happy New Year!! I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday break and having extra time with your family. I sure did! The end of the quarter is on January 14th and report cards will be sent home on Monday, the 20th. I will also send home some of the end of the quarter assessments we took. We began 2020 by reviewing the rules and expectations and I will continue to encourage the kids to always use their best work habits and I will need your help as well, to reinforce this at home when looking at papers. Being neat, taking their time, and following all directions are very important.

Reading: Our reading goals last week were to read and spell words with the long i sound using silent e, our comprehension skill was compare and contrast, and our grammar skill was the correct use of be words such as: is, are, was, and were. Our anchor text last week was a non-fiction selection about "Animal Groups", so we practiced comparing and contrasting the different animal groups using a venn diagram. Our reading goals this week are to read and spell words with the long o sound, our grammar skill will be the question mark and when to use it correctly, and our comprehension skill will be to identify the main idea in stories we read, as well as important details.  We continue to learn new words daily and use the chunks we've learned to help us decode unknown words. The stories we are reading are getting longer, which means we are becoming better readers. Thanks for taking the time to listen to your child read the books that are sent home. I have been pleased with the progress everyone has made and for their enthusiasm for reading. At home, please remind your child to read with expression and to pause when they come to punctuation. I have reminded them that "speed reading" is not "good reading". I have also started to have the kids help me read the directions for some of their work. I have also noticed that they are reading the directions at their seat if they forgot what to do. Hopefully, reading it will create better understanding of what to do, as well as knowing they can go back and read the directions when working independently, if they are stuck on what to do. When correcting work, I have been counting items wrong that are spelled incorrectly, if the word is displayed correctly on the paper. This will hopefully make them responsible and accountable for taking their time and working carefully. On Monday the 20th each student will be tested individually on reading skills using the "FAST" assessment. Test scores will be sent home soon after that. I am so proud of the progress each of them has made thus far and look forward to seeing their progress from fall to winter. We will now work hard to reach the spring goals.

Math: We will test over chapter 6 this week, which was titled "Count and Model Numbers". Within this chapter we have counted and written the numbers to 120. We have also counted by tens from any number to extend a counting sequence to 120. An example of this is 43, 53, 63, 73, 83, 93, 103, 113. Choose a number and see if your child can count by tens using this strategy. We have also drawn quick pictures of numbers 100-120 representing tens and ones. Last week, we took a quick assessment over each skill that was assessed for the 2nd quarter report card. Later this week, we will start chapter 7 which is titled "Comparing Numbers". This chapter will focus on greater than, less than, equal to, and patterns on the 100 chart identifying 10 more and 10 less from a given number. 

Writing: We have completed our lessons on opinion pieces and will be moving on to informational writing during the 3rd quarter. Last week, we wrote two opinion pieces one being "Would you rather play inside or outside" and the other was "I think Fairview is the best because... Our first informational writing activity will be to write about a favorite toy. I will send a note later this week about which day they may bring a toy to write about. During the next couple of months, we will also be writing "how to" pieces in our journal using the order words of first, next, then, and last. We have done a couple of these, "How to build a snowman" and "How I get ready for bed". This week, we will do "How to make hot chocolate" and "How to clean my room". I really enjoy reading their writing and observing the growth they have made as writers.

Star Student: Aleigha and Cady were most recently featured. Aleigha likes to drink pink lemonade and eat pizza Her favorite movie is "The Grinch", and she collects LOL's. When Aleigha grows up, she wants to be a gymnastics teacher. Cady likes to drink propel and eat pizza. She collects seashells and her favorite sport is tennis. When Cady grows up, she wants to be an artist.

Winter Gear: When we have snowy days, we recommend that the kids have snowpants and boots. If they do not have them, they can't play in the snow, therefore they will have to stay on the blacktop area. I'd also like to recommend that snow pants and boots be brought in an extra bag for they have difficulty getting all their stuff in their book bags at the end of the day and the "wet" winter wear also ruins folders and papers. Please label all of your child's winter clothing, including boots. The locker area during the winter months can get congested with the extra outerwear and sometimes their belongings don't end up back in their locker after recess. We do have a lost and found table for items found outside the lockers.

Welcome: We are so lucky to have a student teacher in our classroom through February. Miss Juelsgaard sent a letter home with your child last week introducing herself. We are all excited about having her in our classroom.

Reminder: No school on Wednesday

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December News #1

We continue to keep busy in our first grade classroom. The week following the Thanksgiving holiday went by very quickly. Last week, we created a reindeer art project, as well as a "Pet Reindeer" writing activity. It was fun to read their creative thoughts. These projects are hung on the bulletin board outside our classroom. In January, we will be administering the Winter FAST assessment (segmenting, blending, sight words, and oral reading fluency), and I am looking forward to viewing the results to see the gains all the students have made. One goal we have been especially working hard on is reading fluency. The goal in January will be to read 37 words per minute. I have implemented many opportunities at school to increase their fluency and encourage you to listen to your child read the books sent home almost daily, as well as encouraging them to read extra books too. Within the classroom, we are also working hard on being respectful and responsible. I am very proud of how well the kids are staying focused daily to complete independent work- it is great to see them being so responsible. One area we need to work on is the extra talking during instructional times. We have had numerous chats about this, but, I am still having to stop and remind them to be respectful when an adult is teaching/speaking.

 Reading: Our reading goals the past two weeks have been to read and spell words with sh, wh, and ph, our grammar skill was to identify the subject and verb in a sentence, and our comprehension skill was cause and effect. We also learned about contractions with is and not, as well as adding ing, ed, and s to words. Our 2nd group of reading goals were to read and spell words with the long a sound ending in silent e, our comprehension skill was drawing conclusions, and using the illustrations to give us more information about what is happening in the story, and our grammar skill was verbs ending in ed. The kids learned that when a verb ends in ed, the action happened in the past. Within our guided reading groups, the students are introduced to a new book almost daily. I have been pleased with their responsibility of reading at home each night, and returning it the next day. The reread section of our daily lessons move smoothly when the kids have read their books. If you ever feel that the book sent home is too difficult, please put a note in their ziploc. The books sent home are ones we have practiced and they should be successful reading it. I will not be sending home a book in their ziploc on Friday the 20th. Encourage your child to take the time to read over the holidays.

Math: We have been working in chapter 6 which is titled "Count and Model Numbers". Within this chapter, we will review/practice counting and writing to 120. We will identify patterns on the hundred chart, as well as counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will also model numbers by identifying tens and ones. In addition to our "Go Math" lessons, we do problem solving twice a week, as well as open-ended questions in our math journals. We have just started our math journals. Examples of open-ended questions we've done thus far are: draw objects that are divided into equal parts, Brock had some apples. Then he lost 3 apples. How many apples could Brock have started with, start with any number and count by 2's. Go as high as you can go! Our problem solving goal for the past few weeks has been to identify the number in the middle for both addition and subtraction. Therefore, we are keeping busy during our math block with "Go Math", number work, problem solving, calendar routines, and math journals. After break, the students will be asked to fill out a 120 chart independently without any helpers. This task will also be done at the end of the 2nd quarter. 

Writing: No new goals, we continue to do opinion starters in our journals, and write sentences using our spelling words. We will continue to focus on Opinion Writing until the end of the 2nd quarter.

Christmas Around the World: There will be no new spelling words or reading skills next week. During our large group reading block all first graders will rotate to each of the six first grade classrooms and learn about traditions and holiday customs in different countries. They will learn about China, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and Italy.

Holiday Party: We will have treats and juice on Friday the 20th. A note was sent home on Thursday with those responsible for party items. We will also have a special "Holiday Assembly".

Star Student: Carson and Samantha were most recently featured. Carson likes to drink pop and eat spaghetti, his favorite place to visit is Arizona, he is part of a wrestling program and wants to be a wrestling coach when he grows up. Samantha likes to drink orange pop and eat spaghetti, her favorite books are by Dr. Seuss, she is a member of Girl Scouts, and wants to be a vet when she grows up.

I would like to wish all my first grade families a very Merry Christmas and I will see your child in 2020!!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

November News #2

We are all excited to enjoy a 2 day school week and then have some time off to celebrate Thanksgiving and time with our families. I am excited to hear all about their holiday break when they return.

Reading: Last week, our reading goals were to read and spell words with ch and tch, our grammar skill was understanding what a command is and how to use our voice when saying a command with either a period or exclamation point, and our comprehension skill was sequencing important events from a story. With the short week, we will not have new reading goals. Now that we have become more fluent readers, we will focus on reading with expression and pausing when we come to punctuation. It is important that the kids understand that speed reading is not being fluent. Good readers read like they are talking, and when reading out loud, their audience needs to understand what they are reading.

Math: On Monday, we will test over chapter 5, which focused on "Addition and Subtraction Relationships".  Many of the lessons focused on fact families and with the extra practice of applying strategies we have learned we are becoming more efficient with recalling facts mentally. After the Thanksgiving break, we will begin chapter 6, which is titled "Count and Model Numbers". Within this chapter, we will review and practice counting and writing to 120. We will identify patterns on the hundred chart, as well as counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will also explore how to make a ten using models and manipulatives. We have practiced saying and counting the number patterns during our "Number Work" routines. Check to see if your child can count by 2's to 20, by 5's to 100, and by 10's to 120. These patterns will be practiced and reinforced in our lessons. Equality also continues to be a part of our weekly lessons. We practice this weekly during our "Number Work" routines and we will begin to do a weekly independent check after the break. We have practiced what this will look like twice. Here is an example of what an equality equation might look like: 4+4+1=4+5  Is this true or false? The hundred chart has also become the focus of looking at counting patterns vertically. The students have been quick to pick up on counting by tens this way as well.  For example, we can count by tens like this: 6, 16, 26, 36, ...

Writing: Our focus has been on Opinion pieces. When writing in their journals, they have done several I would rather ______ than _______. We also added the word because to some of our entries to give a reason why. This week, we will use our reading block time to focus on opinion writing.
Last week, we also started writing complete sentences using our spelling words.

 Science: Last week, our  Mystery Science lesson was titled "What does your shadow do when you are not looking?" The main focus of this lesson was that our shadows change size depending on the time of day and the position of the sun. This week, we will do the next lesson for "Rolling Things" using ramps and toy vehicles to explore how a ramp affects a car's momentum. We will also explore how weight affects a rolling car's momentum.

November Ticket Challenge: All first graders have been receiving individual tickets this month for making good choices, using good line basics, for showing respect, and for being responsible. Their goal was to earn 10 tickets to participate in a dance party. This incentive will take place on Tuesday afternoon. We look forward to taking a break to celebrate our success on earning individual tickets.

Star Student: Luel and Tah'niyah were most recently featured. Luel likes to drink pepsi and eat pizza. He likes to read scary books and wants to learn more about math. When Luel grows up, he wants to be a basketball player. Tah'niyah likes to drink orange juice and eat cake. She wants to learn more about singing and her favorite toy is her "Frozen" doll. When Tah'niyah grows up, she wants to be a teacher.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

November News #1

It's hard to believe that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks and that the holiday season is approaching. We continue to work hard in our classroom, and as I look back to the beginning of the year, I am so proud of the progress that everyone has made in all areas. As readers, everyone has increased their guided reading level at least two levels. In math, we are becoming more fluent in recognizing our basic addition and subtraction facts. As writers, we are becoming more independent when writing, as well as creating at least two complete sentences. We continue to focus on starting our sentences with a capital letter and putting a punctuation mark at the end. 

Reading: Our reading goals last week were to read and spell words with the short u sound, as well as ending blends (nt, nd, sk, st, nk, mp, and lp) we identified the sequence of events after reading a story, and our grammar skill was to use a, an, and the correctly. When working on comprehension, we have been using graphic organizers to record our thoughts as a group. This week our reading goals will be to read and spell words with the digraph "th", our comprehension skill is "Author's Purpose", and our grammar skill is proper nouns. This week, we will be reading an informational story about "Ocean Animals". We continue to have guided reading groups almost daily, which means they are bringing home a book to share with you. Thanks for taking the time to listen to your child read and for signing the log sheets. It is amazing to see how many books we have read so far. If you are unable to read the book the night they bring it home, please send it back, for we use that book as a reread for their guided reading group the following day. Thanks!

Math: We have begun working in Chapter 5, which is titled "Addition and Subtraction Relationships". Many of our lessons will focus on numbers that are related and how we can use what we know about one fact to help us solve other facts using those same numbers. We call these "Fact Families". For example: 5, 6, and 11 are a family- they are related. This week, we will be working on taking those numbers and writing all the facts for that family (here is an example): 5+6=11, 6+5=11, 11-5=6, and 11-6=5. Many of our lessons will use this process, presenting it in different ways. We will use drawing a picture as a strategy for part-part-whole problems, we will also use two different colors to serve as a visual in helping the kids to solve, and a triangle method, where the whole is placed at the top of the triangle, and the two parts are placed at the bottom. These strategies will also be used to find the missing number. Check to see if your child can find the missing numbers for these facts: 6+____=11  11-5=___  5+___=11  11-6=___. You can practice this by writing missing number problems for your child. Many have been successful by solving the addition one first. They have discovered that if you don't know the fact, they could start with the part that is given and count up to the whole to find that missing addend.

Science: Last week, our Mystery Science lesson was titled "What do sunflowers do when you are not looking" Check to see if your child can answer this question. This was the last lesson in the "Plant and Animal Superpowers" mysteries. This week, we will start the mysteries for "Spinning Sky". Lesson 1 is titled "Could a statue's shadow move?". Matt from Swan Lake has also visited us monthly and his November visit will take place this week. He plans to share interesting information about turkeys. We have also had Anjanette from ISU extension come to do a fun unit on "Rolling Things". She introduced 3 important words to the first graders: gravity, friction, and mass. We have two more lessons left for this unit. The kids get to use ramps, cars, and weights to explore these concepts. And, we will start having another outside resource come to visit to present lessons on agriculture. Melanie Bruck will have her first visit with us on Monday. Her lesson is titled "From corn to cereal". We look forward to all our visitors and learning about interesting topics.

Book Orders: Your child will be bringing these home on Friday. With Christmas coming upon us, if you wish to purchase books as gifts, just send me an email and I will not send the books home with them. If you wish to order online, go to club. My classroom code is L868K. If you prefer to fill out the form and send to school, I will submit the order online for you. This will be the only time I will be ordering before Christmas. Orders are due Friday, November 22nd.

Star Student: Caden and Kade were most recently featured. Caden likes to drink A&W root beer and eat hot dogs. His favorite subject is Mystery Science and his favorite place is Kansas City. When Caden grows up, he wants to be a football player. Kade likes to drink tea, and eat hot dogs. His favorite TV show is "Power Rangers" and his favorite book is "The Cat in the Hat". When Kade grows up, he wants to be a zookeeper.

It sounds like we will be experiencing more cold weather this week. Please make sure your child wears a warm coat, as well as a hat and gloves.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

October News #3

October continues to bring nice weather and beautiful colors to enjoy. This week, we will look forward to having our fall party on Thursday, the 31st. In first grade, we don't have the students bring/wear their costumes. We will just take a break from our routine/schedule and have some treats and "fun". I sent notes home with the students who were responsible for sending items for our fall party last week. At Open House, you may recall signing up for one of our three parties. With the start of the 2nd quarter, we are becoming more independent with writing sentences. This week, we will write about what we are thankful for. These will be displayed on a bulletin board outside our classroom. I have been pleased with the growth they have made since the start of the year with their writing. We will spend most of the 2nd quarter writing opinion pieces, as well as writing in our journals.

Reading: Last week, our reading goals were to read and spell words with the short o sound, as well as words with the l blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl), our comprehension skill was to sequence events after reading using these words: first, next, then, and last, and our grammar skill was statements. We learned that a statement starts with a capital, tells a complete thought, and ends with a period. This week, our goals will be to read and spell words with the short e sound, as well as the "s" blends, our comprehension skill is text and graphic features of a biography, and our grammar skill is singular and plural nouns. We will also learn about antonyms. We have been doing the comprehension activities together for these can be difficult tasks for first graders to write it out and it is a challenge to verbally retell in their own words. We continue to learn new words weekly and we're reading fun stories. We're also enjoying big books in our large group reading lessons. The big books that we read are then placed in a literacy center for extra practice. A word wall has also been created in our classroom. High-frequency words practiced during our "Making Words" lessons, as well as words introduced through the basal have been chosen and placed on the word wall. Once a word is placed on the word wall, I try to encourage them to spell those words correctly when writing. Word wall words should also "click" when we read. Thanks for following up with the "Making Words" lessons at home. The extra practice will build your child's decoding skills, and it's a great way to practice spelling and reading too.

I have started implementing a program called "Read Naturally" for all students. This program focuses on fluency. This is how the program works in our classroom: Your child reads a leveled passage for 1 minute (cold timing) and the number of words read is graphed. They then practice that same passage and answer a set of questions related to what they read. After practicing for several days, they read the same passage for 1 minute (hot timing) and the number of words read correctly is graphed. The students enjoy seeing the progress they've made from the first timing to the final timing. These passages may also come home at times in their ziplocs for practice. Thanks to Jenny Simmelink for coming in and helping with the timings!

Math:  We have been working in chapter 4 which is titled "Subtraction Strategies". This chapter focuses on counting back to subtract, think addition to subtract and use 10 to subtract. Fluency of addition and subtraction facts to 10 is the expectation for first grade. Applying the strategies in isolation while working together and just focusing on one has provided success. When a paper applies more than one strategy, it can be tricky for the kids to look at the problem and decide the most efficient strategy to use to solve. They will get better with practice. You may want to encourage your child to practice these facts at home. If you need flashcards, let me know and I would be happy to send some home. If you want to purchase a set, I know Stone's carries them, as well as Walmart. There are also lots of interactive games online as well to practice. I have mentioned the ABCya site before and the kids seem to enjoy the games they have, and the site has lots of skills to choose from. In math, we are also working on writing numbers to 120 and equality. Another way to practice the facts is the online program Xtra math. I sent a parent letter home last week that outlined how to access this program. If you misplaced or don't recall the letter, I can send another if you are interested. Just send me a note or email.

Mystery Science: Last week, our lesson was titled "Why do family members look alike?". This week our lesson is titled "Why don't trees blow down in the wind?". 

Star Student: Trayvon and Harper were most recently featured. Trayvon likes to drink pink lemonade and eat pizza. His favorite place is the bowling alley and he wants to learn more about math. When Trayvon grows up, he wants to be a football player. Harper likes to drink pink lemonade and eat grapes. Her favorite movie is "Lion King" and she takes swim lessons. When Harper grows up, she wants to be a teacher.

 Please send a coat daily with your child. Send hats and gloves too for colder days. I recommend that you label your child's belongings. Thanks!